Shaq Daddy, Shaq Diesel, The Big Cordially, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Aristotle.

Those are just some of the nicknames Shaquille O’Neal goes by. When it comes to aliases, there’s really no one else that can touch the amount of nicknames Shaq has.

But are they nicknames or rap names? It could be the latter considering how many songs the four-time NBA Champ has released.

On Thursday night, Shaq was back spittin’ fire on the NBA on TNT’s Inside the NBA broadcast. This time, he had Dr. Dre’s legendary “The Next Episode track” to rap over. Among the topics (besides taking shots at Charles Barkley, of course)? Alabama’s big win in the NCAA National Championship game over Georgia.

“We the champs back-to-back like Kobe and Shaq with the Lakers. All the other teams, ya’ll are fakers.”

Not bad, Shaq, not bad.

(h/t NBA on TNT)