Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon have one of our favourite friendships in hockey.

There’s just something about two good Nova Scotia boys that we think heartwarming, and we didn’t think this particular bromance could get any better.

Then, it did.

Tonight, when Crosby’s Penguins played host to MacKinnon’s Avs, they were joined by another group of iconic residents from Nova Scotia, who journeyed all the way from Sunnyvale Trailer Park to take in the action.

Members from the Trailer Park Boys cast joined Crosby, who apparently was the one who provided them with their tickets to the game, post-game in the dressing room for a photo-op that we think belongs in the Hall of Fame.


Yeah, deeeecent. 

This isn’t the Boys first encounter with hockey stars from Nova Scotia, though, and MacKinnon actually appeared in season 11 of the hit show that’s been cracking up Canadians since its first appearance in 2001.

The Pittsburgh Penguins proved victorious this game, winning 6-3 on the wings of a Patric Hörnqvist hattrick. Unfortunately (and surprisingly), both Crosby and MacKinnon were kept off the scoresheet in this game. 

As they say, “sometimes she goes, and sometimes she don’t… and that’s the way she goes”.

(H/T Twitter/MSmithBubbles)