Sidney Crosby ain’t here for Brandon Dubinsky’s bull$h!* and he’s definitely not looking to give into any of his games.

Just last week, seemingly out of NOWEHRE, Dubinsky joined The Garage Beers Podcast and shredded his old nemesis while discussing the Sid vs. Ovi debate, calling him a whiner and went as far as saying “f*** Sid.” Kind of random considering Dubinsky’s no longer in the league and no one’s really heard from him in a while but alright then. The Kid was asked about the whole thing  and didn’t want to get into it too much.


Could that have been any more of a Crosby response? As for Dubsinky’s comments, he didn’t feel like apologizing in his follow up.


The two have scrapped, chirped, and have displayed a clear distaste for one another but at the end of the day… you can say what you want Dubinsky but you’re not getting to Sid. The guy is the most dominant player of his era.

(H/T Wes Crosby)