Friday's NHL Draft Lottery is still the talk of the hockey world, and rightly so considering how things played out.  The Red Wings finished with their fewest wins as a franchise (17) since the 1985/86 season.

Unlike after that season, though, Detroit won't be picking first in the next NHL Draft.  Instead, it will be one of the teams eliminated in the play-in round, or placeholder if you will.

We all know the Red Wings were in desperate need of that No. 1 pick, but, and here us out, that first pick RARELY equates to Stanley Cup success.  In fact, since 1980, only 8 first overall picks have gone on to win the Stanley Cup.  For those doing math at home, that's a 20% success rate.  So, little game for those reading, can you name those 8 players?  Take a few minutes before scrolling down and make your guesses.

Mario Lemieux - 1984 First Overall Pick

Super Mario was exactly that during his time as a player with the Penguins, winning 2 Stanley Cups and going down as one of the greatest players of all-time.  3 other Hall of Famers were selected in the 1984 draft, but none of them, aside from Mario, were selected in the first round.

Joe Murphy - 1986 First Overall Pick

Sometimes, first overall picks don't win a Cup with the team they were drafted by.  That was the case for Joe Murphy, who won it all after being traded by Detroit to Edmonton.

Mike Modano - 1988 First Overall Pick

Looking back at it, the 1988 draft class was loaded with talent and Mike Modano lived up to the hype by helping deliver a Stanley Cup to Dallas.  Not to be outdone, Rod Brind'Amour and Teemu Selanne (the ninth and tenth picks respectively) both hoisted Cups during their careers, too.

Vincent Lecavalier - 1998 First Overall Pick

He wasn't the Michael Jordan of hockey, but Vincent Lecavalier delivered for Tampa Bay in every respect imaginable on the ice.  He and teammate Brad Richards, who was also drafted in 1998, helped put the Lightning on the map with a Cup win in 2004.

Marc-Andre Fleury - 2003 First Overall Pick

It's rare that a goalie is selected first, but Marc-Andre Fleury proved to be more than worthy of the selection winning 3 Stanley Cups with the Penguins before leading Vegas to the Cup Final in his fist season in Sin City.

Alexander Ovechkin - 2004 First Overall Pick

It took Ovi a lot longer than anyone expected, but he finally won a Stanley Cup in 2018 and for arguably the greatest goal-scorer of all-time, it was a long time coming, but more than deserved.

Sidney Crosby - 2005 First Overall Pick

3-time Stanley Cup champion.  One of the greatest players of all-time already.  Sidney Crosby was that once in a lifetime player every franchise dreams about drafting and the Penguins just so happened to be that franchise.

Patrick Kane - 2007 First Overall Pick

Patrick Kane in 2007 was the last first overall pick to win a Stanley Cup.  Simply put, it's been a little while.

Yes, selecting who you perceive to be the best player in the draft certainly gives you the best chance of future success, but the miss rate is so high and there's so much more that goes into winning than just getting the first pick in the draft.