Saturday Night Live has always been great for putting people in their place through satirical comedy. When LaVar Ball and the rest of his family appeared on the scene, it was all too easy for the legendary improv show to parody. 

On Saturday (go figure), SNL took the ridiculous prices that the Ball franchise Big Baller Brand asks of their customers and made it into an over-the-top, Pimp My Ride style shoe release. The shoes apparently feature "Power laces", a Bose speaker sound system, and the world's finest rotisserie chicken cooker. 



LaVar Ball dropped by Update to unveil the new LiJello 20s. 🔥🔈 #SNL

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Ball's character, played by Keenan Thompson, goes on to explain that his youngest son had successfully opened up a Michelin 10-star French restaurant.

What is most ridiculous about this parody is that it wouldn't even be surprising if the Ball family tried. 

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