We’ve seen some fantastic crowd signs at hockey games before, but it was hard to top the moving Evgeny Kuznetsov sign spotted at a recent Capitals game. A perfect twist!


This print-out Kuznetsov has a buddy now. Check out this moving Ovi sign that pays homage to Washington’s captain.


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There’s a moving #Ovechkin sign too now? These are so good 😂😂. . (H/T NBC Sports #Capitals)

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There are absolutely killer. Of course, Kuznetsov’s signature bird celly made perfect sense for a moving sign, but we love it in any context.

Maybe even this level of arts and crafts is too much effort for some people, but if you’re somebody who is willing to go the extra mile while showing love for your favorite players, we see you repping.

And there is no question that the players love these creative signs as well. Recently, a young Avs fan brought a cheeky sign that caught the attention of Erik Johnson, who seemed to like it enough to give away the stick.

h/t Twitter/NBCSCapitals