All the way back in 2015, we saw Jonathan Towes’ ‘water bottle pop’ trick shot, and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. This is just an insane snipe.


Of course, this is an incredibly difficult shot to make, so it has naturally been some time since we’ve seen anybody else pull it off, but finally, the torch has been passed. The Hockey Stigg, a hockey YouTube sensation over in Russia, mustered the feat.



He hit the Jonathan Toews water bottle pop 💥😳 @bardown • (🎥: @howieshockeytape)

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This absolutely has to come back. It’s like the water bottle challenge, but harder, cooler and with hockey in it. Not just anyone can pull it off — in fact, we’d bet mostly everyone can’t — but, nevertheless! Get out there and break some water bottles.

h/t Instagram/howieshockeytape