So, robot sports are the sports of the future.

It seems like every day we see another video of a robot that completes its task at a much more impressive rate than any human ever could. Of course, we’re still a ways away from any robots being fully functional in a sports setting, but it might be closer than we thought.

For example, watch this basketball-playing robot hit 100% of his shots.

Of course, if you made it all the way to the end of the video, you can see that it takes quite a bit of set up for him to hit the shot over and over, but combine this with other recent videos of robots and you see that we’re not far off from playing fluid basketball. This group of robots played a game of soccer earlier this summer:



They’re also starting to be able to recognize depth and other functions needed to move up and down the court, as shown in this video of the robot stepping through rough terrain.



Bring on the robot sports!