Some college students take their school rivalries reeeeally seriously. So serious that they're even willing to travel all the way to their rival's campus and interrupt a class to chirp.

This Saturday, the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns will clash on the gridiron for this season's edition of the 'Red River Rivalry.' Ahead of the hotly anticipated match-up one Sooners fan let his excitement for the game get the best of him, showing up to Texas' campus and interrupting a lecture to scream obscenities at a group of puzzled students. Just as the teacher had openly expressed that he had had enough of the Sooners fans lecture, a Longhorns fan stepped in to offer a football-like solution to the situation.


(NSFW: Explicit Language)



Now that's just embarrassing for everyone involved. We totally get being excited for a game, but showing up to a classroom to do what this fan did? That's just plain dumb. The tackle was also a fairly over the top response, which kind of makes us wonder if the who thing was staged.