The Carolina Hurricanes may be responsible for this video, as ever since their “Storm Surges” started to gain a lot of traction, post-win creative celebrations have become a lot more popular around the hockey world.

Saying that, they don’t necessarily need to be new and innovative to be entertaining. Sometimes it’s all about the references or the throwbacks.

Realistically, if your team name is the “Mighty” anything, you’re bound to pay homage to the Mighty Ducks movie series at some point. The easiest way for the Mighty Havoc of Huntsville to do that was with a little throwback that fans of the movie series would really appreciate.

The Flying V, baby!




It's... it's beautiful 😢

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That’ll hit ya right in the nostalgia.


Recently, part of the cast of the movie reunited to the thrill of fans. They even performed a Flying V of their own!



As the Havoc say: It’s… it’s beautiful….

(H/T Mighty Havoc of Huntsville)