Star Wars and hockey is a combination we've come to love over the years thanks the annual "Star Wars Nights" teams throw, but hockey isn't the only sport the hit movie series goes well with.

Believe it or not, football and Star Wars make for a pretty good combo, too, and that fact is on display in the Pittsburgh Gazette's AFC Championship section ahead of the Steeler and Patriots game Sunday.


When sports fans think of the "Evil Empire," the New York Yankees probably pop into a lot of people's heads, but the New England Patriots are undoubtedly the NFL's Evil Empire.

If you asked 100 football fans what team would rather see advance to the Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and New England, we're pretty certain the majority of fans would rather see the Patriots get knocked out of the postseason.

Between Tom Brady and his alleged cheating ways and Bill Belichick and his other worldly powers, it's quite understandable why fans would want to see them lose.

That being said, the Evil Empire won't be easy to bring down as their last home playoff loss was in 2012 to the Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

Baltimore ended up winning the Super Bowl that year and the Steelers are an AFC North team, so could the same thing happen four years later?



(H/T: Michael Sanserino)