Last week, the NBA issued a memo to all 30 franchises letting them know about the new rules prohibiting “mocking and/or ridiculing” opponents or officials on the team’s social media accounts.

On Friday night, the Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks’ Twitter accounts found a clever and hilarious way to mock the new rules by exchanging compliments instead of chirps.

On Sunday, the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators’ Twitter accounts both took shots at the NBA’s new rule with this hilarious exchange.

The Golden State Warriors’ Twitter account also joined in with some mockery of their own ahead of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.

We doubt the NBA is going to go back on its new rule right now, but if the online interactions continue like this, they might want to think about allowing the teams to go back to chirping each other online.

(H/T Twitter/DallasStars)