At the very least, jerseys destroyers are getting more creative and are finding new ways to destroy their sports memorabilia.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and current Oakland Raider Antonio Brown is the latest superstar in the sports world to swap uniforms. Whenever a big name player changes teams, there's always going to be a faction of fans that will feel the need to draw attention to their themselves on the internet by destroying a jersey worth hundreds of dollars.

Brown's breakup with the Steelers got a little messy, which prompted one Steelers fan to destroy a pair of jerseys. The way he did it might surprise you. No, the jersey wasn't burned, or destroyed with a vehicle. This one fan set the new standard in jersey destroying by using a colossal shredder.

As evidenced above, one of the jerseys didn't fully disintegrate.

Spending a couple of hundred dollars on jerseys is apparently worth the 15-minutes of fame on the internet.

It not like Brown would particularly care, as his time with the Steelers is now officially in the rear-view mirror after signing a 3 year, $50,125,000 extension with the Raiders, including $30,125,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $16,708,333, making him the highest paid receiver in football. 

(h/t Instagram/@tnick1236)