Through seven editions of his signature shoe, Steph Curry’s sneaker line with Under Armour has had some hits and some misfires, but it looks like they’re going to try a new approach that will give Curry the real superstar treatment.

According to a rumour, Curry is going to get his own brand under Under Armour similar to Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan brand with Nike. Crucially, that means separate branding on the sneaker itself.

While some of Curry’s early shoes with Under Armour went viral for hardcore dad vibes, his newer shoes have actually been fairly well-received, and if getting his own brand also means more creative investment on the product, then there could actually be a lot of potential for Curry and his gear here.

Even superstars and sneaker legends LeBron James and Kobe Bryant never got the MJ treatment, so it means a lot here that Under Armour is going all in with Curry.

h/t Twitter/LetsGoWarriors​