Steph Curry can pretty much do anything on a basketball court.

The two-time NBA MVP is best known for his long-range shooting, but lately it has been his different pre-game warm-up activities that have been  garnering attention online.

From curling to bowling to throwing basketballs at his father, Curry likes to switch up his pre-game warm-up routine on a nightly basis. He uses this time to work on shots and plays he wouldn’t normally attempt in a game, and Friday night’s warm-up was no different.

While the Golden State Warriors were preparing for their home game against the Sacramento Kings, Curry decided to test out a new kind of shot by making some minor adjustments to the typical tear drop shot.


@stephencurry30 reaches the roof in warmups! 😂

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Curry barely celebrates his trick shots during warm-ups, but clearly he was stoked about this shot going in.

Even Klay Thompson and Draymond Green couldn’t believe it either, and they both lifted their arms in joy after it went through the hoop.

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