Imagine being absolutely ripped on-air by someone eating cheese puffs and sipping tea. In other words, Stephen A. Smith being Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman being on the receiving end.

On Wednesday morning, Stephen A. Smith sent out a warning tweet after the Denver Nuggets shocked everyone with a 3-1 comeback against the largely favored LA Clippers, to win the series and advance in the playoffs sending the power duo, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George home.

That's not what the majority predicted would happen with this series, especially Max Kellerman who has been a Kawhi enthusiast for quite some time now, putting superstars like Kobe and LeBron in Leonard's shadow with hot some spicy hot-takes.

Exhibit A:

But Leonard severely disappointed in Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets combining for only 24 points with Paul George to which Smith had a field day on Max Kellerman.

And fans really got their popcorn out for the show and absolutely loved it.