All professional athletes have the platform to make a big difference outside the world of sports in a number of different ways.  It can be something as simple as giving a fan a pair of shoes to tackling incredibly important issues such as equality in and outside the sports world.

The reason we bring up that specific topic of conversation is because a 9-year-old basketball player by the name of Riley Morrison wrote a letter to Stephen Curry asking him why his new 'Curry 5' shoes are only available in boys' and mens' sizes.


As Riley explained in the letter, she's a big fan of Curry and wanted to buy new shoes for the upcoming season, but was disappointed about the shoes only being available in boys' and mens' sizes.

Anyone who knows Steph knows all of the incredible things he does off the court, so it's no surprise he responded in the way that he did with a letter of his to Riley.

It was an incredible response from Curry who, back in August, wrote a piece in The Players' Tribune about women's equality and it was powerful to say the least.

He also hosts a basketball camp for only girls and having two daughters of his own, women's equality is something that clearly means a lot to him.  Hats off to Riley for making helping to make a big change and for Curry for responding the way he did.

(H/T: Stephen Curry)