LeBron James might not be the one and only, at least that’s what fans seemed to think Steve Kerr was getting across while talking about Duke’s all-star Zion Williamson.

A three-time NBA champ as a head coach (and a five-time champ as a player), Kerr has seen his share of talent and has played with the best. So essentially his words should never be taken for granted and he managed to catch pretty much every basketball fan’s attention when he compared the 18-year-old to ‘The King’ after posting 28-2-7 in Duke’s 118-84 stomping over Kentucky. Listen to this high praise:


Not all fans seemed to agree…


Williamson was nothing short of dominant in the stat column, going 11-13 from the field alongside Canadian R.J. Barrett. But what sticks out most about Williamson is his size. At 6’7, 285, he stands just 1 inch shorter than James but 35 pounds more than the guy. If he entered the league this year, Zion would be its second heaviest player…

… at 18!


The season is obviously young but Kerr’s words shouldn’t be taken lightly. Time will tell how things play out for the freshman over the coming year.

(H/T SportsCenter)