Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been to a few press conferences in his day and it certainly shows.

Press conferences tend to be fairly run of the mill stuff, with a coach or player waiting to get asked a question, then waiting again while they wait for reporters to tweet their response. It seems as if Kerr believes that his pre-game press conferences have become so predictable, that he now needs some sort of activity to keep himself entertained while he waits for everyone in the room to finish tweeting.



Steve Kerr tells the media Stephen Curry won’t be playing and then solves a Rubics Cube while he waits for them to tweet it πŸ˜‚

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We're not sure if Kerr had already been taking a crack at that Rubik's Cube before he took to the podium, but we'll have to go ahead and guess that he did because he solved that thing at world record speeds.

This has become a sort of ongoing gag this season, with Kerr clipping his nails just last week while waiting for everyone to finish their tweets.



The man knows how to entertain (& keep himself entertained).