Steven Stamkos wasn’t on the ice for long during the Lightning’s dominant championship run, but he did make his limited time on it count.

The 30-year-old was forced to sit out all but 2:47 minutes of the playoffs after suffering a core injury, but still managed to (in epic fashion) score a goal in the Lightning’s 5-2 Game 3 win. The marker will forever go down as one of the more memorable ones in Stanley Cup Finals history, but it definitely came at a cost.

A very painful cost.

Stammer explained what exactly happened on the play and as it runs out, he completely tore his lower abdominal AND groin. Still, he was able to absolutely snipe. Just insane.



This is insane 😳

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Wow. No one will EVER be able to take away that goal from you Stammer! He also managed to make some history in the process. Get that puck in the Hall of Fame!!!!


That ring is going to feel reallllll nice. Congrats Steve and all the best with your recovery!

(H/T Erik Erlendsson)