It's officially Halloween, meaning it's the final day to either wear your costume or share pictures of your costume. Athletes have been posting images of their costumes all week long, and on Tuesday P.K. Subban tossed his hat into the ring, riding in on a hog. But like actually...he rode in on a hog.



Happy Halloween Y'all 🎃😂

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Seeing as Subban plays in Nashville, a city known for country music and good BBQ, dressing up as a cowboy riding on a hog is rather appropriate. The costume itself is great, but as always, it's Subban's energy that really sells it.

It should come as no surprise that Subban came up with an awesome costume, as he has been known to go all out on Halloween. Last year Subban went dressed up as the late music legend, Prince, and back in 2014 the defenceman blew everyone out of the water, dressing up as Michael Jackson from the "Thriller" era.



Favourite holiday of the year 🎃#purplerain

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