The offseason is a a great time for NHL players to get away from hockey for a few months before having to train to get prepared for the upcoming season.

Usually, players use the time away from the rink to kick back and relax with family or travel, but some players use the time to go back to school.  This summer, P.K. Subban is one of those players that decided to go back to school.



Back to school!! 📚 #Harvard #BEMS @harvard @harvardhbs @hbsexeced @anitaelberse

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We did our research and if what we discovered is correct, Subban is part of the The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports program at Harvard which is run by Anita Elberse.

Subban established his own marketing company in August of 2014 (P.K.S.S. Management) and based on the picture he took, we can see that Andy Roddick is also taking part in the program.  

Other athletes have also taken part in the past, too, and the program brings together some of the best minds in the world from all walks of life.


(H/T: P.K. Subban)