Some days you have it, some days you don’t. Some days, you really, really, really don’t.

The latter day was certainly had by Swiss National League goaltender Robert Mayer on Sunday. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of his team – the SCL Tigers.

The Tigers went into the game sporting a paltry 5-12 record, and they were facing the 10-6 Zurich Lions. With the two squads having two very different seasons, the Tigers were going to need some bounces going their way to grab the W. Unfortunately, the bounce went particularly bad for Mayer and the Tigers… twice.

The first massive mishap came towards the end of the 2nd period. With the Tigers up 2-1, a harmless looking puck slid into the Tigers zone towards Mayer’s crease. Mayer attempted to play the puck, but an untimely bounce cleared his paddle and resulted in an embarrassing goal against.

If that wasn’t enough, the second was just as bad. No trailing 4-2, a shot from the red line managed to beat Mayer to complete what can certainly be described as a bad, bad day at the office.



Understandably, Mayer wasn’t very happy. He swung his stick at the post and then tried to kick it away from him. Honestly, we’re just glad he didn’t trip and fall over the paddle… there’s only so much embarrassment one man can take!

(H/T u/buerglermeister)