The Olympic Games introduce fans around the world to the world's best athletes they've never heard of before or might have heard of, but aren't very familiar with.


These athletes dedicate their entire lives to training for the Olympics, and those competing in the Winter and Summer Games only get one chance to win an Olympic medal every four years.

While it remains to be seen if 20-year-old Swiss freestyle skier Fabian Bosch will win a medal in PyeongChang, if it was up to us, he would win gold for this incredible display of unique athleticism and strength.


Think about how much strength you have to have to be able to do that without falling.  Clearly Bosch possesses enough strength to make that incredibly difficult display of whatever you want to call it look routine.

Next up for Bosch is men's slopestyle which begins Sunday, but until then, we can expect more freakish feats because that's what Bosch does.


(H/T: Fabian Bosch)