Swiss freestyle skier Fabian Bosch seems to only know one speed -- 100.

Monday, Bosch caught the attention of sports fans worldwide when he chose to travel up an escalator by grabbing onto the railing and hanging off the outside of it, including the caption "am I doing it right?"


Somehow the answer to Bosch's question is both no and yes. It seems as if Bosch has pretty much been doing this since he arrived in PyeongChang, as just a few days earlier he was performing another daring stunt, this time involving a pallet jack. 




The stunt itself was pretty funny, but the most interesting thing about it is the fact that Bosch hasn't even competed yet at the Olympics, as his event, Slopestyle Skiing, doesn't start until February 18th. 5 days out from his event, this guy isn't afraid to keep living on the wildside.

Just a quick scan of his Instagram account will show you that Bosch is a pretty free-spirited character who enjoys pushing the limits, no matter what he's doing. Including when he arrived at the Olympic Village...



Or when he was hanging out with his friends in Switzerland and someone did a frontflip off a huge drop while wearing full hockey equipment.




The Winter Olympics have been filled with a youthful exuberance in 2018, with the likes of Red Gerard who almost showed up late for his event because he was up all night watching Netflix, and Chloe Kim who tweeted about her love of churros during the middle of her competition. Oh, and both won gold medals by the way. So, we doubt Bosch's stunts will have any effect on his actual performance.