Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie is having himself a summer.

The recent Stanley Cup winner has been keeping himself occupied with friends, family, and perhaps above all…  beer! Oshie recycled one of his old drinking tricks that he’s been using over the past month but this time, he whipped out a different drinking utensil. Watch him go full-blown #invisibleman once again.


His recent chug bares the question; was this his best #invisibleman yet? He previously used the trick at the Capitals’ Stanley Cup parade in front of a massive audience.



TJ Oshie with some creative drinking at the Caps parade 😂 . (Via: @nbcswashington)

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More recently he pulled off another impressive drinking trick, this time sinking a putt while chugging two beers attached to his head.



@tjoshie7 is living his best life. ••• (🎥Via: @golfchannel)

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It’s only July and we have a feeling that the best might still be to come from the 31-year-old. Based on what we’ve been seeing, the guy is living life to the fullest as a Stanley Cup champion.


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