Taijuan Walker is a very up-and-down kind of pitcher. He showcases raw talent that can be overpowering to his opponents, but he’s also prone to control issues which leads to a fair number of runners on base after hearing the ball-four call. Walker is, however, a good guy all the time.

Walker took advantage of the laid-back attitude of spring training having likely already secured his spot on the Arizona Diamondbacks. In an effort to show off his taco making skills, Walker rented out and redecorated a food truck to make “Tai’s Tacos”.


Walker personally stood outside the truck and handed out tacos to fans. Some of the other members of team came out to give both the soft and hard tacos a try.


Needless to say the event was a hit, as were the tacos. Maybe Walker could head over to Atlanta and give the Hawks a little demo on how to please their fans…