He may be the world’s best hockey player, but that doesn’t make Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby invincible.

For those who don't know, Sid has a little sister named Taylor who also happens to be a hockey player. The 21-year-old spends her days as a goaltender for St. Cloude State University.

On the team's website, players are required to include a personal bio. Taylor's, as you could have guessed, includes her older brother Sid. The kicker is that it takes somewhat of a shot at him.



Sid isn’t one to show too much emotion, but he must have had a good laugh after reading that one.

The Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia native posted a 4.14 goals against average along with a .891 save percentage last season. She is Crosby’s one and only sibling, and a rivalry to some degree should be expected between the two. NHL players don’t usually include bios on their team websites, but perhaps Sid's would include a small shot at his sister, too.

Well played.