Some things will always be true.

The sun will always rise in in the morning, the sky will always be blue, gravity will never allow humans to fly, Mitch Marner will never grow a solid playoff muzzy, and hockey fans will always rip on the referees.

This playoff season, though, this unavoidable anger towards the referees has been particularly bad, and fans are taking to Twitter to voice their displeasure into the void that is the internet.

In the past day or so, three game misconducts have been handed out. One to the Lightning's Nikita Kucherov, another to the Hurricanes' Micheal Ferland, and a third to the Leafs' Nazem Kadri.

In most (most) cases, it isn’t the actual calls that fans are up in arms about, but the lack thereof against the opposition. We could explain, but we’ll just let you take a look for yourself.








While fans are on a head hunt, or zebra hunt rather, coaches like Mike Babcock are insisting that the officiating shouldn’t be such a concern.



Grandma Dubas (yes, that Dubas), however, is fuming, and took to Twitter to voice her anger at not only the officiating tonight, but also over some bad OHL calls that are apparently happening, too.



You know, people can blow smoke on Twitter all they want. But Grandma Dubas? We kind of trust her.


(H/T: Twitter