Every NHL coach has their own temperament.

Some remain cool as a cucumber on the bench, remaining calm in order to get the most out of his players. Others can’t help but let their emotions out. That doesn’t mean they’re not a good coach, as some of the best bench bosses in the league are also the most energetic. Below, we took a look at the five most animated head coaches in the NHL.


5) Bruce Boudreau

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Boudreau generally isn’t too animated, but he certainly has his moments. From Washington, to Anaheim, to Minnesota, the former player has had his share of tantrums on the bench. He particularly gets stressed during the playoffs, where he has struggled to find success throughout his coaching career.


4) Mike Babcock

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Babs isn’t one to hide his emotions, but that’s what makes him such a good leader. Much of the emotion he shows on the bench is positive, and any hockey fan would agree that the Maple Leafs boss genuinely cares about his players. Babcock is the perfect example of a coach whose unique energy on the bench tends to spark a fire in his players.


3) Peter Laviolette

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Lavs has established himself as a no-garbage type of coach, and hasn’t been afraid to give it to the refs in the past. A former Cup winner, Laviolette is one of the game’s best and his emotion and passion can generally be felt throughout a contest. He even had a tough time holding back after some of his team’s goals during the Predators 2016 postseason run.


2) Paul Maurice

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Leafs, Hurricanes, and Jets fans are all very familiar with how animated Winnipeg head coach Paul Maurice can be at times. Whether it’s in a press conference or during a game, he isn’t one to hold back.


The 50-year-old is heading into the last year of his contract, so hopefully he’ll be showing more good emotion than bad next season.


1 ) John Tortorella

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Okay, so Torts was relatively relaxed in comparison to other years en route to winning the Jack Adams award. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he still is, and always will be remembered as one of the most animated coaches in NHL history.

Playing for Tortorella isn’t for everyone, as players have historically complained about the coach’s tough style. During games, he can be hard on both his players, and referees, and truly isn’t afraid to hold back. Additionally, he is the king of the press conference.


Unlike recent years, Tortorella was given a strong roster to work with last season and made the most of it with a playoff appearance. He enters the 2017-2018 season with an even stronger roster after the addition of Artemi Panarin, which is good news for fans who are opposed to his negative side. If things don’t go well though, all hell might break loose in Columbus.

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