If you’re not familiar with Sergei Bobrovsky’s alter ego, Officer Bobrovsky, let us give you a brief backstory of the No. 1 cop on the force.

The story dates back to Bobrovsky’s time with the Philadelphia Flyers. When SportsCentre host Jay Onrait heard the name Bobrovsky, he decided it sounded like a character from an old school police movie or television show. Each time Bobrovsky would make a highlight-reel save or let in a big goal, Onrait would yell the name Bobrovsky as if Bobrovsky was a police officer and Onrait was his police chief barking instructions his way.

Fast forward to present day, where Onrait is still yelling Bobrovsky every chance he gets, and Bobrovsky is playing spectacular hockey in the Stanley Cup playoffs. On top of that, Jay and Dan have teamed up with our favourite cartoonist, @Pengellyink, to create a new comic themed around the character ‘Officer Bobrovsky,’ and we can’t get enough of it!

Check out the first two cartoons they’ve released below:


We can’t wait for the next cartoon to drop, but while we wait, here are a few recent instances of Onrait yelling “BOBROVSKY” to tide us over.



Bobrovsky returns. 👀 #JayAndDan ••• (🎥: FOX Sports)

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