The San Antonio Rampage are celebrating 25 years of hockey in San Antonio.

Since 2002, the Rampage have played in the AHL, currently as the affiliate team for the St. Louis Blues. They were preceded in San Antonio by the CHL's San Antonio Iguanas (1994-2002) and the IHL's San Antonio Dragons (1996-1998).

So, as a fun twist on the throwback concept, the Rampage are going to wear three different jerseys for their game on Friday: The Iguanas, the Dragons and their own, switching it up each period.

Great throwback tarps are nothing new, but wearing multiple different ones in a single game? Yes, you have our attention.

We’re not sure if this would be confusing at all for the opposing team, but, like, it’s cool enough to be worth it. A historic occurrence!

h/t Twitter/sarampage