If you were to associate one colour with the Colorado Avalanche, which colour would it be?

Maroon is the primary colour on their home jerseys, and clearly the most prevalent on their away jerseys (other than white)… it’s got to be maroon, right?

Well, up until Wednesday that was the case. It may still be, but it’s not quite such an obvious. The Avs debuted their new look during Wednesday evenings game against the St. Louis Blues and it was notably more blue.

The pants, the helmet, and the gloves all matched the blue shoulders of their home jersey, resulting in a notably different look than the previously used black equipment.

The new look brought some mixed reaction. Some thought it was too blue, others liked some of the changes but not all, while others thought it actually looked pretty good.

Well, the jury is clearly out. Sometimes it can be a little jarring to see a new uniform for the first time, but this is a particularly jarring look.

Blue helmets. BOLD.

(H/T Colorado Avalanche)