Anybody who grew up with a sibling knows the special bond between brother and brother, brother and sister or sister and sister.

Today, in honour of Brother’s Day we’re looking back at some of the best stories of brothers from around the sports world. Of course, there are so many brothers that have dawned jerseys in every sport that we’ll pick one from each.

In hockey, you’ll often hear about stories like how Wayne Gretzky and his Brother hold the record for highest point total by two brothers in history, with Wayne having 2,857 points and Brent having 4. However, we’re looking for a more even contribution to the game. Here are the best active brothers in sports today:

NHL: The Sedins

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Henrik and Daniel Sedins, Getty Images

This is a close one between the Sedins and the Benn brothers, but the Sedins are holding on for a little while longer. They’re still a delight to watch as they always seem to know where the other brother is on the ice.

Soon enough, they’ll have competition with the Nylander and Strome brothers.

NBA: The Currys

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Seth & Steph Curry, Getty Images

Their number one contenders are the Gasols, who lost by a hair, but with Seth emerging into an extremely effective three-point shooter Steph pushes the duo over the top.

CFL: The Westermans

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Jamaal and Jabar Westerman, Getty Images

Jabar and Jamaal have been racking up sacks in the CFL for a couple years and they even played each other in the playoffs last season.

NFL: The Bennetts

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Martellus and Michael Bennett, Getty Images

Martellus and Michael are two of the most outspoken players in the NFL, but they back up their play on the field. Fighting off brothers like the Kelce’s the Gronkowskis and many more, the Bennetts are the current tag team champions in the NFL.

MLB: The Seagers

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Corey & Kyle Seagers, Getty Images

Corey and Kyle will probably hold this title for a long time in baseball. Kyle is about as steady as she goes at third base for the Mariners and Corey will likely be one of the premiere shortstops in league for a long time. They have a shot at making history together.

Soccer: The Boatengs

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Jerome & Kevin Prince Boateng, Getty Images

Kevin-Prince and Jerome are a couple of the best brothers in sports. While Kevin-Prince is heading into the twilight of his career, Boateng is close to his peak playing for Bayern Munich.

There are plenty of other great brothers out there, but these are our best active pairings. Happy Brother's day everyone!


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