Last year, Kendall Coyne Schofield made waves around the hockey world with her inclusion in the NHL’s Fastest Skater event at All-Star weekend, finishing faster than Clayton Keller and within a second of Connor McDavid. This year, she’s participating in a 3-on-3 women’s game to be held at All-Star.

It’s clear that what motivates her is to be a role model for the next generation of hockey players, particularly young girls. The Chicago Blackhawks, who have close ties with Coyne Schofield as a Chicago native, tell her story in depth with a new video feature that can be seen on the Blackhawks website.

The women's game has taken on a new level of prominence over the last little while, due in no small part to the work of the players who have advocated on their own behalf. Coyne Schofield is one of 200 players participating in a boycott of North American women's hockey leagues, hoping to establish a more viable options for players now as well as for future generations.

Around the hockey world, Coyne Schofield’s peers voiced their support for her and her message.