Are the Columbus Blue Jackets going to sweep a team that had one of the best regular seasons in the history of the NHL?  That's a question you would have been arrested for asking a week ago, but now it's one game away from happening.

Sunday night, the Blue Jackets defeated the Lightning 3-1 to take a 3-0 series lead and they've got a chance to advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in team history.  If Tampa loses, you know there are going to be a ton of jokes made and Columbus started the party with a clever joke.

Shocking isn't it?
Columbus did blow a 2-0 series lead last year, but this team feels different and the momentum they have right now is going to be hard for the Lightning to overcome.
That said, if anyone has the firepower to make a historic comeback, it's Tampa and they'll be getting Nikita Kucherov back for Game 4 Tuesday night.
(H/T: Columbus Blue Jackets)