The Colorado Avalanche are so close, they can almost taste it.

The Avs have been as scary a team as there is in the NHL for a number of years, but their talented core hasn’t been able to culminate into a Stanley Cup title. Now, the Avs are two wins away from their first Stanley Cup Final appearance since they won it all back in 2001.

It’s safe to say Cup fever has been ramping up in the state of Colorado. That excitement has made its way into another Colorado sports team; the Denver Broncos!

During Game 2 of the Western Conference Final, at least seven members of the Broncos were in attendance. That includes incoming star quarterback Russell Wilson, along with a slew of youngsters that were either drafted in April, or just beginning to make a name for themselves in this league.


On top of the players, eccentric new head coach Nathaniel Hackett helped get the crowd going with his infectious energy.


While in-arena content is great, we haven’t even arrived at the meat and potatoes yet. The funniest piece of content to come out of the Broncos hopping aboard the Avs’ bandwagon is undoubtedly when Phil Milani presented them with various hockey terms and asked to guess the definition.


Light the lamp. 5-hole. Sin Bin. Chiclets. Drop your mitts. Biscuit in the basket.

These may seem like well-known terms to us well-versed in the world of hockey, but clearly they don’t translate over to other sports very well.

Well, saying that, everyone seems to know what “drop the mitts” means.


(H/T Denver Broncos)