If you’ve ever sat near the action of just about any sports game, you’ll know that the swear words really fly out there. Heck, if you’ve sat in the lower bowl for any game that Kevin Garnett played in, you would know that.

But when cameras captured Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson yelling an obscenity in a recent game, was it really just that? One writer at the Indy Cornrows blog suggested that it was in fact a playbook call by the Nets, which, of course, would be an incredible playbook call.

Here’s Atkinson yelling ‘WTF’ on camera, and then a play that may or may not be related to Atkinson yelling 'WTF' on camera.


As pointed out by the writer, this play likely calls back to a similar play run in Memphis by former head coach Dave Joerger (now with the Sacramento Kings) as well as the Kobe Bryant-era Los Angeles Lakers before them.

If you’re interested in a more detailed breakdown of the WTF play, we suggest reading the original piece, which takes a meticulous eye to the specific actions of the set as well as how to defend against it.

Meanwhile, we’d love to know what the rest of the Nets playbook looks like. We’ve heard that it’s rumored to include such classic basketball sets as ‘OMG’ and ‘LMAOOOOO.’ (No, not really.)

h/t Indy Cornrows