At this year’s NFL Draft, teams are trying something a little different when it comes to announces their picks in the second round.

On Saturday during the third day of the draft, the Tampa Bay Bucaneers tried to get a parrot to announce the 117th overall pick, but the parrot got a little stage freight and couldn’t quite blurt it out.

The San Fransisco 49ers have got in on the fun, but brought a bit more a reliable guest to announce the 128th overall pick, Kentavius Street a defensive end of N.C. State. The 49ers decided to roll out Chewbacca, R2-D2, a couple Stormtroopers, Sourdough Sam (the 49ers mascot), and a young fan that was tasked with translating the announcement made by R2-D2.

The Vikings decided to embrace their geographical location and went with a winter sport to announce their selection by bringing in the US men's gold-medal winning curling team.

Why not try and change things up and have fun with the picks. Besides, wouldn’t it be cool if you were Street and got to tell all your friends that a droid announced to the world who you were drafted by?

We’d like to see something of this nature come to the NHL one day, or at least get more kids involved like Daryl Katz’ son. After the first round has been completed, professional sports leagues still want consumers to tune in and watch, and if there’s a little extra incentive like seeing a droid or parrot taking part, then curiosity levels will certainly be spiked.

(h/t For the Win)