Okay. Things officially cannot get much worse in Buffalo.

The team is riding a ten game losing streak, their star players haven’t been able to score, and they’re undoubtedly not making the playoffs AGAIN (they haven’t been to the postseason since 2011, folks). No one has answers and the fans are getting restless. It’s reached the point where media members are even taking jabs at the team.

Just take a look at The Buffalo News. In his power rankings, Mike Harrington ranked the Sabres dead last on his list. There shouldn’t be too many qualms with this, the team has been brutal this year. There’s just one issue… he included 32 teams. Yup, the Seattle Kraken are officially ahead of the Sabres and they haven’t even played a game yet!


Oy. Vey.

Would you believe us if we told you Taylor Hall, Jack Eichel, and Jeff Skinner have combined for just five goals? That’s $27 MILLION right there. 27 shmill! Regular season ticket-holders don’t even want to show up to games anymore. That’s how bad it’s gotten, folks.


We feel for you Sabres fans.  Hopefully they can get a boost in the next power rankings…

(H/T The Buffalo News)