Training service dogs has become more and more popular throughout the NHL this season, and we must admit, it’s probably one of our favourite trends in the league.

The Rangers and the Blues both have adorable canine companions, and the Canadiens are next in line to recieve a fluffy addition to their roster.

The Habs announced today that they will be the foster family to to a Saint-Pierre Labernese puppy for one year, in association with the Mira Foundation. Mira provides service dogs free of charge to people and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, visual impairments, and physical disabilities in order to increase the individual’s autonomy and to promote their social inclusion and integration.


While the puppy is with the team, he will be given basic obedience training, and the exciting hockey environment will provide the pup with social and environmental simulations that will help the future service dog prepare for its eventual job.

"Everyone in the organization is happy and excited to participate in this initiative. This is an extraordinary opportunity to raise awareness and educate our colleagues and the public on the challenges of independence, accessibility and social integration of people with disabilities. The work that Mira does is remarkable and we welcome the chance to contribute in our own way." Said the Canadiens’ vice president of community engagement,Geneviève Paquette in a press release today.

The puppy will be introduced to Habs fans on January 5th, when the Canadiens host the Nashville Predators at the Bell Centre. Until then, the team is searching for a name for the pup, and has invited fans to submit their ideas to the team’s website. The only details we have about the pup so far are that he’s male, was born on October 3rd, and his parents names are Lenaga and, get this, Price.

The puppy won’t be the only exciting baby face in the Habs lineup this season, and we think he’ll be an excellent addition.


(H/T Montreal Canadiens)