The Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights have put in much more in the way of time on ice this post season than any other team. That may seem obvious, as they have played more games than anyone and are the only two remaining teams, but the numbers are actually further exaggerated by their disproportionate amount of time played in overtime.

Reddit user AuburnAttack21 highlighted the fact that the Columbus Blue Jackets series against the Washington Capitals accounted for 35.8% of the total overtime played (59:17). That is an absurd amount of overtime to be played in one series proportionately, considering that we’re now in our 15th playoff series.

Include the one overtime game in which Evgeny Kuznetsov eliminated the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Caps are up to 39% of all overtime minutes played. The only team with more overtime minutes is none other than Stanley Cup Final opponent Vegas Golden Knights.

The Knights have played in 43% overtime, bringing the running total between the two teams up to 136:36 out of 165:31.

That’s over 82% of all overtime played this post season has involved either the Caps or the Knights, but not both – they still have not gone to overtime through four games in the Stanley Cup Final. Even though they have played the most games, you would epect more than 18% to have been played without them considering the post-season has been widdled down to two teams from an original 16.

Overall there has not been much in the way of overtime played this post-season, especially compared to last year’s record-breaking amount of overtime played. That was also helped in part by a very overtime-heavy first round Caps matchup that saw five of their six games against the Toronto Maple Leafs go to OT.

One thing’s for sure, if any of the remaining games go to overtime it will certainly be the most intense of the bunch.

(H/T u/AuburnAttack21)