The Storm Surge has become a staple for the home crowd at the PNC Arena every time after the Carolina Hurricanes win a game on their ice, but even when you knew it was coming, there was no one that anybody could have been ready for tonight’s twist.

As the Hurricanes gathered at center ice, the lights dimmed, and a spotlight revealed a special guest in town: legendary boxer Evander Holyfield!



Tonight’s Storm Surge had a special guest... Evander Holyfield! 😱 • (🎥: @nhlcanes)

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We wonder, what would’ve happened if the Hurricanes had Holyfield in attendance only for the team to lose? They won handily against the St. Louis Blues tonight, but the Blues are a perfectly respectable team this year and the outcome could easily been a different one.

In that case, does Holyfield come through for the team’s next home game a week from now? Or does this awesome, awesome celebration just get shelved, never to see the life of day? Well, we’re certainly grateful this one happened.

After some of the controversy that has surrounded the Storm Surge in recent weeks, it was cool to see the celebration receive a cameo and co-sign from an outsider in Holyfield. Plenty of others have weighed in on the topic, including Gary Bettman with a nuanced defense of the tradition.



Gary Bettman weighs in with a strong defense of the Hurricanes’ Storm Surge 👀

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