Everywhere you look, there's something Star Wars related right in your face.

With the release of 'The Last Jedi' just around the corner, everyone has been talking about the intergalactic film franchise, including NHL teams. Thursday, with the Islanders in town, the Penguins held a Star Wars themed night in Pittsburgh.



As part of the celebration of all things Star Wars, the Penguins welcomed actor Anthony Daniels, the man who plays C-3PO, as their special guest at the game. Turns out he waves just like the REAL C-3PO. 



Fans also took part in the event, dressing up as their favourite characters from the Star Wars universe, and we must say, people really put things into hyperdrive. Uhh, what we mean to say is the costumes looked fantastic.



To top things off, the Penguins even made their own rolling credits!


The force was strong with the Pens on Thursday, as they were able to defeat the team from the Empire (State) 4-3 in overtime.