New Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo was quick to leave an impression with the fanbase he inherited. At his introductory press conference on August 1, Meruelo expressed himself with a bad-language word!

Evidently, Coyote Nation is loving the sentiment. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2012, back when they were the *Phoenix* Coyotes, and change is definitely welcome among fans tired of losing ways.

So, the Coyotes made a T-shirt.



You’ll sure as sh** want this shirt. 👀 Available now at @thecoyotesden.

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Well, if the Coyotes can turn things around under new ownership, then we might be looking back at the “I Sure As Sh** Want to Win” as something of a turning point in the fanbase.

After adding Phil Kessel for a much-needed scoring punch this offseason, things could be on the up and up in Arizona. Already, ticket sales are soaring!



The Phil effect 👀🐕

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