Well that didn’t take very long.

It took the Golden State Warriors just four games to advance to the NBA Finals and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the short-lived Curry brothers matchup. The series went very differently for the two as Steph averaged a ridiculous 36.5 points per game and 39.5 minutes on the court while the younger Steph averaged 6.3 in 23.3. Regardless, there was nothing but love between the two after the final horn as they embraced one another and exchanged jerseys in an emotional moment on the court.


As you could imagine, their parents had a tough time choosing who to cheer for in the series. initially, Sonya and Dell had flipped a coin to determine the son they’d be rooting for but apparently that plan got tossed out the window…



Seth is set to become a free agent this summer and to make things easier for his parents, he should probably consider a move to the Bay Area. Steph, on the other hand, is scheduled to make 40 + million for the next three seasons.

Maybe they could win a ship together?


(H/T Golden State Warriors)