It was announced earlier in the year that with the introduction of the new Adidas jerseys, there will not be alternate jerseys for the upcoming season.

This was obviously a bummer, because some of our favourite jerseys have been alternates over the years – especially when teams choose to have a throwback version. Off the tops of our head, the ‘90s Pheonix jerseys, Calgary’s ‘80s jerseys, the Kings’ gold and purple, the Capitals’ stars and stripes jerseys, the Jets’ Selanne-style and the Sens’ O all stood out as popular throwback styles.

Well, Dallas apparently wanted to get in on the fun for their 25th year in Texas, as they announced that they will use a throwback uniform this season…for warmups.

They will be rocking their 1993 Dallas Stars home jerseys next season on February 3, but they will not be wearing them for the actual game. While we appreciate the nod to the history of their team, this just seems like a tease.

Keep in mind, home jerseys were white at that time so this is the actual jersey they will wear (From

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Dallas Stars Uniforms 1993-94,

It’s a bummer that we won’t be able to see them wear them in an actual game, and it’s even more of a bummer that white jerseys were home back then. We’re also missing out on an opportunity to see those black jerseys in action.

As we said above, it was great when we got to see teams like Pheonix play with the jerseys last season and we hope the NHL gets back to this soon.