If any penalty box around the league, you'll find water, Gatorade, tape, a towel and an employee from the NHL inputting data onto the scoresheet.

What you usually won't find in there are utensils, and more specifically, a fork.

New Jersey Devils forward Blake Coleman is a big fan of consuming pickle juice during games and even has his own line of pickles. The reasoning behind his secret recipe? It helps with mid-game cramps and restores electrolytes lost in sweat.

During Tuesday night's tilt against the Penguins, a mysterious fork appeared in the penalty box when Coleman was assessed a minor.

While we're not entirely sure as to why it's in there in the first place (maybe the penalty-box attendant was munching down during an intermission), perhaps Coleman has a jar of pickles stashed away somewhere and uses a fork to pry them out.

Honestly, who really knows. If you know the reason, let us know, because we have to get to the bottom of this.

 (h/t Reddit Hockey)