While hockey players are sometimes criticized for not outwardly expressing personality to the fans or media the way you see in some other sports, the same cannot be said for their social teams. Over the past few years, there has been an uptick in hilarity out of NHL team social accounts, with some even moreso than others.

The Vegas Golden Knights, the Carolina Hurricanes, the San Jose Sharks all come to mind as great follows, but the New Jersey Devils should not be overlooked. The Devils’ social team has been bringing the heat for a while now, and one hockey fan got a full dose of that in this perfectly crafted Devils’ reply.

The fan was complaining about the Devils supposed refusal to utilize 2020 7th overall draft pick Alexander Holtz. What the fan clearly didn’t know is that Holtz is currently playing overseas, and unable to be used by the team.

The Devils were the perfect mixture of polite, passive aggressive, with a dash of petty thrown in for good measure.

Absolutely roasted.

(H/T Twitter/New Jersey Devils)