Monday night at the Knicks game, the person everyone now knows as the "chicken fingers in soda girl" made her return to the spotlight at the Knicks game when she was caught doing what she loves to do most, dipping chicken fingers in soda.


It takes a unique person to dip chicken fingers in soda and this unique person above is none other than Alexa Greenfield.

For those that think the whole thing is fake and a publicity stunt, you'd be proven incorrect just by looking at Alexa's Instagram account dedicated to dipping chicken fingers in soda.


Alexa has been dipping chicken fingers in soda since she was younger and she's embracing and sharing her unique way of eating chicken fingers with the world.

Whether you like the method or not, it's unique and we're sure we'll see her at other games dipping away!


(H/T: @slickenfingers)